Thursday, July 01, 2004

Was I wrong? When the Calabresi imbroglio came to light, I knew that Washington lawmakers would not let the Judge off easily. A group of legislators have asked a committee that studies the enforcement of judicial conduct rules to conduct an investigation into the remarks of Judge Calabresi in which he compared Bush to Hitler and Mussolini. For those of you who have had your head in the sand for the past couple of weeks, I have posted about this incident here, here and here. Justice Breyer, who chairs the committee has told the legislators that the committee is not the proper forum for such an investigation. An article on the legislators' request can be found here. I'm not sure that we've heard the end of this.

UPDATE: The New York Sun printed this article on the latest Calabresi news. Actually, that was the article I first read about the issue, but since I am not a subscriber to the electronic version of the Sun, I had no access to the on-line version of the article. Evidently, Howard Bashman of How Appealing doesn't have that problem, and I thank him for providing the link.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here is the letter that was sent to Justice Breyer. Thanks to Eugene Volokh, who posted it, and Howard Bashman (again) who pointed me to it.

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