Thursday, August 19, 2004

Banned. In D'Alessio v. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Second Circuit upheld the ban of a broker from the NYSE floor for making illegal trades. The petitioner claimed that the NYSE was biased against him because he had brought suit against it. The Second Circuit rejected that argument and noted that if it upheld such an argument, it would serve as an incentive for other brokers facing a similar sanction to sue the NYSE, so as to prevent any action by the NYSE against them. At any rate, the petitioner had not shown that interests of the hearing officer were adverse to him so as to render the NYSE's decision tainted by conflict of interest. The Court also rejected the petitioner's assertion that the SEC could not be impartial in reviewing the NYSE's decision and that the penalty was too severe.

The decision can be found here. An article from the New York Law Journal regarding the case can be found here.

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