Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dancing for Joy. That's what the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc. and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Inc. must be doing. The Second Circuit, in substantial part, upheld the finding of Judge Miriam Goldman Cederbaum that the bulk of Martha Graham's dances were either work for hire or assigned to the Center and, therefore, belonged to them, rather than to Graham's heir, Ronald Protas. The Court, however, did remand for a finding as to whether certain dances created from 1956 through 1964 that were unpublished were assigned to the Center or passed under Graham's will to Protas. The Court reversed the District Court as to one dance, the renewal term of which, the Court held, passed to Protas.

The decision in Martha Graham School and Dance Foundation, Inc. v. Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc. can be found here.

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